Knotty Knitting Loops


Knotty Knitting Loops are hollow flexible tubes to hold live stitches where necessary. More details in the detailed description below!

Knotty Habit brings you, Knotty Knitting Loops! If you are not a monogamous knitter you have probably run into this problem – eventually you run out of cables and end stoppers and start using scrap yarn to hold your stitches. Not only is it annoying transferring stitches one by one onto scrap yarn using a needle but they also tend to unravel a little because the scrap yarn is not stiff. When you go to pick up your stitches again (another painstaking endeavor) they are not all even and you have to tink back a row – endless problems for the joy of switching between projects.

Not anymore with Knotty Knitting Loops! The tube is hollow so you can stick one end onto your knitting needle and it will hold in place as you push your stitches off the needles and onto the Knotty Knitting Loop! It’s a quick and painless exercise that will make switching projects a breeze! Just be careful to not push too many stitches at once in your excitement of using this amazing new tool – too much pressure would make the tube pop off your needle… So a small modicum of control is still required before you use your newly freed needles and cables to dive into more projects with reckless abandon!

The Knotty Knitting Loops comes in a length of 3 meters and you can cut it to any length you would need for your projects – shorter pieces to hold arm stitches or socks, and longer pieces to hold body stitches or shawls. 3 meters should be enough to hold two bigger projects and three to four smaller projects.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

Apple Green, Aqua Green, Hot Pink, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Flamingo Pink, Ballet Pink, Sunflower Yellow


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