Funky Wraps per Inch Gauge


The Funky Wraps per Inch gauge is perfect to measure WPI.


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The Funky Wraps per Inch Gauge is made from 3mm MDF with a bamboo veneer on both sides. The item is lightly sealed with a water based varnish.

This tool is indispensable in a knitter’s or crocheter’s tool pouch! If you ever wondered whether one yarn can be substituted for another yarn in a pattern, this tool will allow you to determine the compatibility easily. It’s also incredibly useful if you have a mystery yarn where you lost the label and you can’t remember if it’s fingering or sock weight.

You use it by wrapping your yarn in the inch marked notch – not so tight that you are stretching the yarn, but not so loosely that the yarn is bouncy – and then counting how many wraps will fit in an inch. The handy-dandy list on the side will tell you the applicable wraps-per-inch for all the yarn weights. This means all you need to compare yarns, or identify the mystery yarn, is this one nifty little tool!

Total size  is approxiomately 62mm by 62mm.



Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 0.3 cm


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