Our Designers

Meet the creative and talented ladies who design our patterns. Our crochet and tunisian patterns are designed by the very creative Sonja van Wyk from DesignsbySofiya. Juanita Muir from JuaKnits is our very talented designer behind our knitting patterns.

Both ladies have Facebook and Ravelry pages and you are welcome to reach out to them on social media or email with regards to any questions or for help  on the patterns they have designed.

Knotty Habit is very privileged and grateful to have these exceptionally creative ladies as part of the “Knotty” team.

Sonja van Wyk

My name is Sonja van Wyk. I am a Lecturer in Quantity Surveying at TUT. I am an absolute yarn addict! I have loads of yarn and my excuse to buy more is that when I’m on pension one day, I’ll use it. My granny taught me to crochet when I was three years old and to knit when I was four years old – in other words, I have been crocheting and knitting my whole life!

After an overseas trip to Dublin in 2017 where I met Aoibhe Ni, I started designing tunisian crochet patterns. Recently I have started designing normal crochet patterns as well, and even tried my hand at a knitting pattern.

Tunisian crocheting has always been very boring and monotonous for me, until I met Aoibhe. She has been a great inspiration and opened my eyes to the many possibilities with tunisian crochet that I have started exploring with my designs.

Juanita Muir

For as long as I can remember, I have loved anything that was knitted. I was surrounded by Grannies who knitted jerseys for us as kids. I can still remember my mom knitting the most beautiful lace baby cardigans. I was so intrigued by how fast her hands flew over the needles with those thin yarns!

I started knitting at a young age, by following easy patterns. As life continued, and my interests widened, my knitting was sadly left by the wayside. In 2009, I saw an advert at my local yarn store for knitting classes. I fell in love passionately and definitely with knitting, all over again! A whole new world opened up – one full of interesting yarns, knitting techniques and all shapes and textures of knitted fabrics. Credit goes to Marita Steyn from Beyond Knitting. She is the wonderful teacher who encouraged me to develop the creative “yarnie” hidden in me. I am a confident knitter, who loves to explore with yarns of differing fibres and weights. I am particularly fond of all the beautiful indie hand-dyed South African yarns, at our finger-, and needle-tips!

I started playing around with yarns and colours. This exploration resulted in fun tea cosies – many of them! I boast a collection of very much, over-the-top, cozy teapots. Some even sold to fellow tea cosy lovers. I then discovered that I love knitting shawls. In 2017, I began designing shawls for the South African market. I now have several shawl patterns published. I am amazed at the sheer variety of shapes and sizes of shawls that exist! It is a very satisfying journey to imagine, create and knit up my own designs. I am so thankful to all the knitters that I have met over the years. They have shared their endless tips and tricks of the yarn trade. Nevertheless, I still have so much to learn! I am so eager to share the knowledge I have amassed over the years since I started offering knitting classes / workshops at my home and at my local yarn stores.

My biggest accomplishment to date – The Mochaccino Shawl designed for Nurturing Fibres in 2019. I designed this shawl for myself to keep the chilly evenings at bay.  I love the way the different yarn colours and textures of the different stitch patterns of the shawl pops out when it is wrapped around your shoulders.  The pattern and yarns traveled all the way to Vogue Knit Live 2020 in New York with Jennifer Botha. The kits were sold at the Good Loops Yarn booth. The feedback on the design and yarns was amazing!

Do follow all my yarnie adventures as @JuaKnits on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry


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