Knotes of Yarn – April 2022 Edition

Hello, hello! Welcome to our April newsletter! Probably the most bumper packed edition yet!

Mrs. Knotty’s daughter, Elzani, came to visit and boy, was it a hoot! She dyed some skeins and manned a market with the whole Knotty Family on top of all the catching up and sharing endearing moments with family. Some of her skeins are still in the shop – you can’t miss them because she loves speckles even more than Mrs. Knotty does! I think the most fun for quite a few of us that saw her at the Stoepmark was seeing how Elzani and Mr. Knotty walks the exact same way!

Elzani used to swim at school and Mrs. Knotty met one of our Knotty Krowd members through this connection – Elzani and Mathys were taught by the same swimming instructor back in the day! Mathys from Waulionn Leather is the man behind the beautiful leather toggles on the Knotty Habit project bags. He has a passion for creating things with his hands and loves how people react to his work. It is such a blessing to him to enable others to also own beautiful long-living leather goods.

Knotty Klub 2022

Did you get your Quarter 1 KYSO Klub Box? Did you feel jealous of the boxes if you didn’t?

The Yarn Klub and KYSO Klub boxes still have three quarters left this year! Combat the FOMO, buy a box!

Speckled Galore from Juaknits

Juanita from Juaknits has launched her very first Ravelry pattern! It’s called Speckled Galore and we are in love! Just look at those chevrons! Just look at that drape! This shawl was inspired by Mrs. Knotty’s beautiful speckles! What is not to love?

Some events to attend

Just because there is a long weekend this month doesn’t mean Knotty Habit is staying home… Come see us!

9 April: Pop-up Shop at d’Wolhuys

30 April: Stoepmark at Coffee on 18th

Have you heard of the Knitted Knockers initiative run by The Yarn Tree? Knitted Knockers are hand-knitted or crocheted breast protheses for women who have undergone mastectomies or similar breast procedures. Knitted Knockers by ColourSpun are made from the softest, gentlest chemical free cotton so that the sensitive skin and scars are not irritated.

You can purchase a kit from The Yarn Tree for just R50. Each kit contains 50g of yarn and 50g of merino stuffing along with the size charts to create from cup sizes A to J and a card if you wish to write a personal message. You can also purchase kits to donate to others that would wish to donate to the cause but cannot afford them. Once your Knitted Knockers are done, drop them off at The Yarn Tree and they will guarantee it gets delivered to Carol Ann Benn from Knitted Knockers who then distributes them to deserving recipients!

With lots of Knotty love,
The Knotty Team

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