20 Days of Scrappy Socktober Box

The 20 Days of Scrappy Socktober box is sold out! This box includes 20 x 15g KYSO, a bespoke project bag, a marker set from Ietsie Klein, a tasty treat from BlueSpoons and a bespoke Kozy designed just for this box! There is also a whole ton of extra options you can add on, from full skeins of KYSO to Tulip notions to extra Kozies! Thank you for your immense support with this adventure!

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The 2022 Knotty Yarn Klub is in full swing! Did you see all the freebies you can get for four, six, eight and ten boxes? The more you order the more you receive! For 2022 we slightly expanded the colour palettes so both Klubs have four colourways each too, so there’s really no reason to be feeling left out!

You can never have enough yarn

Have you seen our yarn base range?

Speckled Klusters are the new kids on the block in the Knotty Habit dye studio. The technique is called reverse speckling and the end result are these streaks of various colours with a typically darker main colour. Knitted up it reminds the Knotty Team of stars twinkling in the sky or light flashes on a mermaid’s tail or perhaps even flecks of gemstones in a rock face. Currently they are being dyed on a 3-ply 75% Merino 25% Nylon blend base, but Mrs. Knotty is busy experimenting with other bases such as the 3-ply DK.

The single fingering tweed base contains small inclusions of tweed which creates a very natural look in the finished fabric. Since it is a single twist base anything knitted from it tend to be quite airy and lofty which means this base is well suited for a wide range of applications from shawls to pullovers, but not quite something as hard wearing as socks. We recommend a 3.25 – 5.0mm hook or needle depending on how dense you want your end result to be.

The single lace base has a large amount of meterage per 100g skein – a whopping 650 meters! This base is ideal for fine lace work such as shawls or summer dusters but also fantastic for marled projects. Knotty Habit sells individual lace skeins of 50g to allow you to either create your own marled look or fade set without having to commit to the full meterage in a 100g skein. We recommend a 3.25 – 4mm hook or needle with this base, but you can go even smaller should you need a denser end result.

Ah, the light fingering merino blend base – made up from 50% Merino Wool (Super Wash)/15% Mulberry Silk/15%Kid Mohair/20% Polyamide this one is as soft as dreams! Being a light fingering base with a high twist, this base will show off cable or stitch definition like a charm, but still be light enough to wear during Autumn and not just in the two weeks of the South African Winter. With 400 meters to a 100g skein, this will take you quite far in any project! We recommend a 3.0 – 4.0mm hook or needle.

KYSO… One of our personal favourite bases. This one is composed of 75% merino and 25% nylon, but since it’s our fantastic local superwashed merino, it is wonderfully soft and smooth. The acronym stands for “Knock Your Socks Off” but this base is not just for sock knitting – it is suitable for any project that calls for fingering weight yarn! It will make fantastic sweaters, cardigans, shawls and even hats! The nylon component means the garment will be hard wearing, but the merino makes it still soft and pleasant against your skin.

Our 3-Ply DK base is soft and springy which makes it ideal for sweaters and cardigans. This yarn base feels like a hug in the finished garment, but due to the DK weight works up surprisingly quickly! This base is a fantastic option to show off speckles from Mrs. Knotty.

The 4-ply light fingering base has all the good qualities of the light fingering blend base, except that it’s 100% merino fibers. It has the same meterage and a similar feel except maybe a bit more bouncy. This is a fantastic base for light cardigans and pullovers, shawls and hats – the high twist will make your cables and stitches pop! We recommend a 3.0 – 4.0mm hook or needle but you can use a smaller one if you need a denser fabric.

The 2-ply sock 100% merino base is a versatile sport weight yarn. It suits pullovers and cardigans well, but it’s just as at home in a squishy shawl, hat, or gloves. This weight yarn is well loved and with good reason – it is not as heavy as a DK but not quite as airy as a fingering weight making for garments that feels as familiar as home. We recommend a 3.25 – 5mm hook or needle.

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